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Canada: An Oft-Overlooked Haven for Artists and Art-Lovers

When it comes to the arts, Canada is usually eclipsed by its flashier neighbor to the south. But while it may come as a surprise to some, Canada is home to a diverse and vibrant art scene populated by avant-garde painters, talented grunge bands, and aboriginal artists of all styles and genres.

The Big Three

Canada’s art scene is dominated by its three largest cities: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. All three contain bohemian districts (where the arts typically thrive), and each exudes its own unique vibe.

Home to the celebrated Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto has produced a host of famous artists, including painter Tom Thomson and photographer Edward Burtynsky. For its part, French-speaking Montreal boasts one of the world’s most impressive collections of street art.

As for Vancouver, this inimitable city teems with art installations of every conceivable kind, making it a mecca for artists and art-lovers alike. Its upscale South Granville district, meanwhile, is famous for its world-class art galleries.

Lesser Known Venues

But Canada’s art scene isn’t confined to its three best-known metropolises. The small city of Alert Bay in British Columbia, for example, draws visitors from across the globe due to the outstanding aboriginal artwork produced there.

And no overview of the Canadian art scene would be complete without mentioning Ontario’s city of London. With an impressive array of art exhibitions, the city is home to the TAP Center for Creativity, a collective of art enthusiasts devoted entirely to nurturing local creative talent.