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Student Arts Award

An annual Student Arts Award of $500 is presented to a talented County student graduating from high school and going on to post-secondary education in the arts. The award is supported by an endowment fund. As the fund grows, so will the size and number of annual awards.

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2016 Student Arts Award & Picton Kiwanis Club Arts Award Winner

At its Annual General Meeting on May 26, 2016, the Arts Council honoured a young County woman, Isobel McDonald with two awards, the PEC Student Arts Award and Picton Kiwanis Club Award for the Arts. Isobel will be graduating from Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (PECI) and plans to pursue post secondary studies in theatre arts at the University of Toronto in September 2016.

Isobel received two awards, the PEC Arts Council Student Award and the Picton Kiwanis Club Award for the Arts. Isobel, an exceptional candidate for these two awards, is not only academically gifted, but she is an extremely talented theatre arts student. Her interest in drama began at an early age when she enrolled in the ‘Marysburg Mummers’ summer camp. She became ‘hooked’, and this interest was strongly supported by a family devoted to theatre arts. Isobel stated that she appreciated not just the craft itself but the ‘community bond’ of acting, finding a family of like-minded people.

Isobel has played many roles on the Mt Tabor stage as well as playing a lead role in all of the plays in which she participated while at PECI. She was also captain of the ‘Improv team’ at PECI. Beginning in 2012 she studied at the Stratford Shakespeare School during the summers. Last year she was accepted into the three week ‘Theatre Performance Intensive Program’ at Stratford, deigned for serious, aspiring actors. According to Isobel, the Stratford experience made her realize that acting is something that she cannot live without.

Isobel has received glowing reports from both her academic and drama teachers. Isobel has an outstanding high school record with marks consistently in the nineties from Grade nine onward. Her academic teacher reference letter described her as an exceptional candidate for these two awards, a leader with advanced social awareness. Her drama teacher of  four years indicated that she had demonstrated commitment, dedication, passion and understanding of the arts. She is a creative and critical thinker who plans, prepares and executes projects with passion.

The PEC Student Arts Award was founded nine years ago, and the Picton Kiwanis Club offered its award, administered by the Arts Council, at the same time.


Elizabeth Mulridge  PEC Student Arts Award winner 2015

First Year at Loyalist College

I would like to say thank you for the all of the Arts Council's support they have given me with this award. In my first year of college I have learned a lot about animation, its software programs and the animation industry itself. 

I have gained so much experience learning how to operate various methods of animation with Photoshop, Maya Autodesk programs and gaming softwares from creating platforms or 3D style games. 

However, I believe the most important concept I've learned is how vital it is to make connections with the people in my college. The more artwork and practice you do in your field, the more you become part of a network in the animation industry and your chances of being chosen to help a studio and gain even more experience is higher. This is the best way to get an animator’s name out and provide her with a constant workflow. 

In my case, the connection I feel that has helped me the most is that of my fellow students and friends who share a passion for animation and arts. The wide spectrum of ideas, art styles, music and opinions have helped shape my own views and what I want to do with my future. The professors who have taught me throughout this year have been great teachers and mentors. These six animation professors are experienced professionals in their own specific fields and have shared examples of their own accomplishments in the working world. I feel proud to be a Loyalist College student.

With the hard work and focus I have put into my classes I have received high 80s and 90s in both of the four month semesters. 

This year of college, thanks to the Arts Council has been the best experience that I can remember in my life. I've never been this consistently happy. This experience from year one of a three year program has made me become a better person. 

I have an idea and a vision of what the future I want is going to look like after I graduate from Loyalist College. I can't thank the Arts Council enough for helping me start my first year of college. I intend to give back to Prince Edward County with what I have learned from my experiences from the animation program. I have started with being a collaborator in the Marmalade Comics, Prince Edward County, I and hope to continue helping people the best way I can through this specific way of communication.

Elizabeth Mulridge
May 2016